Eviction Protection Plans for Nashville Rental Properties

Eviction Protection Plans for Nashville Rental Properties

Over 12,000 evictions have been filed by Nashville landlords in the past year.

If you're a Nashville landlord, you need to have an eviction protection plan in place. No landlord ever wants to go through an eviction, but sometimes poor tenants give you no other choice. To protect your investment property, you need to take appropriate action.

Today, we'll help you with rental property protection by outlining how an eviction protection plan works. Keep reading and you'll see how preventative measures and Nashville rental services can combine to protect your real estate.

Eviction Prevention Is Eviction Protection

It might sound cliche, but the best type of eviction protection is prevention. By preventing poor tenants from renting your property, you significantly lower the chances of having to evict them. To perform this type of eviction risk management, you need strong tenant screening tactics.

Tenant screening starts with rental marketing. By marketing your rental to the right people, you'll get the right types of applicants. From there, it's about performing background checks, credit checks, and reference checks to secure the best possible tenant.

Lease Agreements and Enforcement

Another way to prevent evictions is to provide clarity in your lease agreements. You need to be clear about the rules in your rental and the consequences of breaking them.

Even after a thorough tenant screening process, you want to make sure you're on the same page as your tenant. A lease agreement should inform the tenant of the consequences of lease violations. Having a clear lease agreement makes the eviction process much easier if it must happen.

Understand Eviction Laws

It's crucial to have a good understanding of eviction laws in Nashville. There are two main reasons why landlords file evictions in Nashville - failure to pay rent and lease violations.

Rent payments are considered late after 5 days. At this point, the landlord can give the tenant a 14-day pay or quit notice that provides tenants with 2 weeks to pay before they file an official eviction. Lease violations are also served with 14-day notices.

Under no circumstances should a landlord attempt to go around the law to evict a tenant. This is known as a "self-help eviction" and can result in severe fines by the housing authority.

Going Through an Eviction

After you've filed the eviction, both parties are given a hearing date. Bring as much evidence as you can gather to support your eviction case. If you're successful, the tenant is given a time that they must vacate your property.

Even when an eviction is handled correctly, it can be stressful, costly, and time-consuming. Prevention is crucial, but the best thing you can do to protect yourself is hire property management in Nashville that offers landlord protection services.

Hire Nashville Rental Services

When you hire a great property manager to care for your property, you'll get professional eviction protection services. This means that any costs associated with your eviction are covered by your property manager. They'll also deal with the entire process so you don't have to.

To get the best landlord protection services in Nashville, hire PMI Music City. Not only do we offer eviction protection, but we can take all of your landlord duties off of your hands, from tenant screening to rent collection. Contact us today to learn more.